How to Maintain Wellness Motivation

You are two weeks into a new lifestyle regime. You have carefully planned your meals to perfection, your sports clothes are comfortable and you are really enjoying your workout!

You are four weeks into your new lifestyle regime. You have had a few cheat meals, and you can’t find that knee support – so you might need to skip weights today.

You’re six weeks into your new lifestyle regime. It feels like you haven’t been to the gym in at least a week, and you are bored of grilled chicken salads.

By week 8 you can’t even remember why you started, and what you unwanted out of it. But you are sure it wasn’t shared in poultry and spinach.

So then, you might be asking yourself – what is the trick to keeping it up? How can you maintain your wellness motivation?


Behind everything, there is a why. The fundamental question. Why do you want to be healthy? To be more energetic and feel better. But why do you want that? Because you want to be around longer for your children? Okay, but why do you want that? So that you can spend as long as you can with them, and hopefully see their children and beyond.

Now you’re getting somewhere.

It has to be the honest truth. The real reason we do anything needs to come from a place of real motivation.

So think about your why, write it down somewhere that you can see it each day, and keep yourself reminded of what you want to achieve and why.


Just like reaching small goals and celebrating, you should be celebrating all of the little things too. Finally, remembered to drink a whole 8 glasses of water? Celebrate with more water. Did you nail that low-fat, no sugar, Dalgona coffee recipe? Celebrate that. Got your personal best beaten by just 1 second? Way to go.

Stay in the moment, and be proud of what you have achieved right now. Noting all of these smaller achievements will build your confidence and give you motivation too.

Mistakes aren’t Mistakes

Take to the notion of eating a pizza on a Friday night instead of a big salad as a mistake and throw it out the window. Instead, think about that it can just be a balance. Putting yourself in the frame of mind that missing one session, or eating your most beloved ice cream is wrong, can be disastrous for you. Feeling like the things you love is wrong, or bad for you. It can make you feel guilty, and then a negative feeling will attach to things you typically love.

Forgiveness and appreciation for your hard work is something that you should aim for.


If you can find room in your day to write down what you have achieved that leans into your lifestyle changes then do so. You will be able to keep track of your speed, fitness, eating habits, and sleeping habits too. A wellness journal will typically have a range of questions that you can use to keep yourself on track too.

Try to keep this somewhere that makes sense to you, so that you can add to it with ease.

Make it Easier

You can make your health and wellness much easier. Here are a few examples that you can use to make your fitness easier while you might currently be working and working out from home.

  • Leg weights – attach them for the first few hours of your day, and when you aren’t in calls, make sure you pace around
  • Food – sometimes you can get bored with your own cooking, so let One Life Meals take over for you. (Take their consultation to get the right balance meal sub for your needs).
  • Youtube – mix up your workout routine with some YouTube fitness videos. Try yoga, pilates, HIIT, and more. The fresh workout can even highlight muscles you aren’t using properly in your regular workout.


There are some language uses that make these changes feel like short-term things. I’m on a diet is one of them. Instead, focus your language on the longer term.

  • I’m creating a lifestyle for my future.
  • I’m changing my life
  • My long term goals are to feel great

Embrace those healthy habits as part of who you are, and what you do. Rather than something you need to fit in. Make it part of who you are going forward.

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