Healthy Lifestyle Choices – How to make it a Habit?

Changing your old habits is a problem that has several stages to it. Before a change becomes a new habit there are roadblocks you may have to face. However, when it comes to adopting healthier habits, keep in mind that healthier living regimen might protect you from serious health problems such as obesity and diabetes. Positive routines like healthy dieting and regular physical activity can also help you get on the top of depression and everyday stress. This guide will outline four stages you need to go through when adopting healthy habits and changing your behaviour towards more wholesome choices.

Stage 1 – If only…

In this stage, you’re thinking about change and gathering the motivation to get you started. If you believe that your newly-acquired habits will benefit your health and energy level, but still not sure how to overcome the roadblocks, you’re on the good track. One of the ways of making a leap from contemplating to taking action is to weigh the pros and cons of changing your habits. For example, if your blood sugar is a bit higher, and someone upper in your family tree has had type 2 diabetes, it means you’re at risk of developing the disease yourself. On the other hand, knowing that eating healthy combined with exercise can help control your blood glucose can be an excellent motivator. While eating healthy may require more time to prepare meals and change your shopping habits, it will help you maintain a healthy BMI and lower the risk of health problems.

Stage 2 – What works for me

This is the stage in which you’ve made your mind and thinking of specific ideas that will work out for your situation. Here, you need to set specific goals you’d like to achieve and clear all the obstacles of putting your plan into action. The most common roadblock and an excuse is the lack of time. However, you need to realize that your health is your priority, so you need to choose physical activity whenever you can, even if it is just taking stairs instead of the lift or walking/cycling to your office. People also complain that healthy habits cost too much – walk around the mall, use a school race track, and buy healthy items in bulk. If working out or exercising, in general, isn’t your cup of unsweetened tea, keep in mind that you can be active in many ways, like dancing and gardening.

Stage 3 – The change is happening

When you make your healthy lifestyle plan you’re ready to act it out. You’re already eating properly and exercising for six months now and becoming to notice other changes that your habit shift has brought on, like improved sleep patterns or less time in front of the screen. Your metabolism is getting closer to full speed, and you’re looking for vitamin B12 and amino acid-based weight loss drops as a natural way to maintain your metabolism high despite the occasional temptations and ‘cheat meals’. Use your time to review your plan, making changes as now you can draw from your personal experience. Track your progress and find areas where you can improve. Don’t forget to reward yourself after reaching a goal or a milestone, not in the shape of treats but a new piece of workout gear.

Stage 4 – This is all me

When you have become used to your changes and have endured for more than six months, you’re in a stage when your new healthy habits have become a normal part of your life. What slip-ups and setback you had are now behind you, and no problem or roadblock can outsmart you. You’re beating the odds at a regular basis – if it’s raining you walk indoors in a mall. Now you can mix up your routine with new physical activities and goals you once haven’t even dreamed of setting. Maintaining your healthy regimen includes planning ahead, like how to diet when traveling or dining out. Still, it’s important to realize that even now setbacks are real, and they will be happening. It’s important not to stay behind and look towards a healthy future.

As you advance through these four stages will teach you how to control your impulses and create a mindset that adopts your new habits and routines as the only acceptable way of life, without wants and feeling of pressure.

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