St. Louis Eye Care Center Compares Glasses and Contact Lenses

As we grow old, everything seems to age – our skin, our hair, our face, and even our precious eyes. They are just some of the sad facts in life that we need to face, and they are irreversible. However, thanks to science, there are a lot of things made available to help us age beautifully. Now, we do not need to worry that we are getting blurry visions as we age because we have the so-called eyeglasses or the contact lenses for those who want to have a seamless vision correction.

Still, the majority are torn every time they need to choose which type of vision assistant they should get. Should it be the traditional eyeglasses? Or should they go for the hands-free contact lenses? Of course, both serve the same purpose, but they come in different shapes and pros and cons. Before deciding on either, you should always consult your eye doctor.  Now, let us consider briefly to help us decide which one we should get.

Should You Wear Eyeglasses?

More than just making you appear smarter, eyeglasses provide many advantages to the wearer. Since it is the traditional way to correct vision problems and are readily available, it is convenient to obtain a pair of glasses when you need it or when you need to have it replaced. The glasses also serve more than just a correction but protection from debris getting into your eyes. It is used externally; thus it never touches your eyeball and causes an infection. It is less expensive than contact lenses and can be worn by all ages. It is easy to maintain and clean as well.

On the other hand, since you wear it externally, it is often annoying or inconvenient—especially when you need to fix it every time it’s out of place. This could be very uncomfortable to athletes, people with jobs that require vigorous actions and even inconvenient when just lying down.

Should You Get Contact Lenses?

Many people dread the idea of touching their eyeballs so they shy away from using contact lenses because they fear they might hurt their eye unintentionally. However, we should not hurry to let our fear hold us back from using contact lenses. For one, since it follows the shape of our eye, our vision is never obstructed. Therefore, our view is never distorted and is fuller compared with glasses. What’s even convenient with this is that these lenses never get in the way when you are working, playing or want to lie down while stargazing.  Still, your eyes would be prone to drying, so they are not yet the best option there is. They are also high maintenance, so you need to spend some extra time and extra attention when using them.

Making the decision could be a little difficult. They both provide solutions to vision problems, and it could be difficult to tell which one is best. To make the best decision, consider your circumstances and make sure you consult an eye before making any decisions on your own.

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