The Truth about CBD Oil: Why It’s Good for Lowering Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid or cannabis compound that is purported to have medical benefits. Many people assume that medicating via medical marijuana will get them high, but the effects of being stoned are not present when using CBD, as opposed to using tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that contains the psychoactive ingredient.

CBD-enriched cannabis in many forms, including hash and oil, are mainly used for many kinds of maladies, including anxiety, pain, inflammation, and spasm. The most appealing feature of CBD is that it gets the job done without the lethargy or sluggishness that comes with taking marijuana.

CBD oil is extracted from a plant and therefore is a natural product, which is why many people are looking into it for preventative measures against cardiovascular diseases. Although it is technically a class of diseases, cardiovascular disease is a disorder or an illness that affects the heart and blood vessels.

There are many forms of cardiovascular diseases, and they are either congenital or caused by lifestyle and environmental choices. There is no definite reason some babies are born with congenital heart defects, but those can be linked to many factors. People suffering from cardiovascular disease and even those born with them can live full, productive lives with proper diet, lifestyle, and some preventative measures.

Many people are using CBD oil as a preventative supplement as there are studies that show it is beneficial for people afflicted with these conditions.

Here are the CBD oil benefits for lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

CBD Reduces Inflammation

There are many serious conditions that arise from inflammatory diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. Acute inflammation is long-term and is usually caused by lifestyle choices, like a high-fat diet that mostly causes obesity. While it is possible to prevent the direct cause of inflammation, like eating healthy, there are cases when it is avoidable in diseases, like cancer.

There are anti-inflammatory medications that can be taken, but some of these synthetic treatments are either addictive or have adverse side effects. CBD oil, on the other hand, is much more natural and is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties.

It revitalizes the body to increase its reserve of natural self-healing cannabinoids. By doing this, the body is able to function and heal better. The best parts are these: CBD oil is safe and incurs no nasty side effects.

CBD Has More Powerful Antioxidants Than Regular Vitamins Do

Most age-related illnesses that the body gets are caused by what is called oxidative stress. It is a natural process that just happens when a person is aging. While it cannot be prevented, the effects of oxidative stress can be minimized by taking antioxidants. While the human body can make its own supply, sometimes it is not enough.

The marijuana plant, especially the cannabinoid-rich oil, is a great source of antioxidants. In fact, CBD may be more powerful than regular vitamins are. Antioxidants are important in neutralizing the effects of oxidative stress, and they help enhance the health.

CBD Reduces Plaque Buildup

One of the causes of cardiovascular disease is plaque buildup in the walls of the arteries. When the pathway of blood is narrowed or blocked by plaque, it renders the heart and circulatory system unable to work properly. If left untreated, it will lead to progressive cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke.

Research has shown that CBD decreases inflammation and helps relax the walls of the blood pathway. This way, plaque is unable to build up, which helps clear arterial walls. It also helps repair and protect the tissue.

Cannabis as Medicine

The marijuana plant has many healing properties despite its notoriety as a gateway drug or one of the most famous mind-altering substances in the planet. In fact, cannabis has more than eighty cannabinoids or chemical compounds, and not all of them are hallucinogenic.

Because of the complex nature of these substances, scientists are only able to study some of them in-depth. There are still so many cannabinoids to learn about.

One compound called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is known to give users the cannabis high. It works by altering the brain’s functions, which results in a more relaxed state, lethargy, and the “munchies,” or hunger. THC for medical use is value for its relaxant and pain-relieving effects. Because of this, the laws around THC are much more clear-cut.

CBD, on the other hand, is prized for many of its medical uses, benefits, and its ability to treat many bodily conditions. CBD is commonly used for its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties; for anxiety, psychosis, and convulsions; and to help reduce the symptoms of cancers and even treat skin conditions. To this day, scientists are still finding ways that CBD can be used in other maladies.

If you’re in employment and you need to pass a drug test, there’s no worry about failing it when you take CBD. THC, on the other hand, may come up as it is psychoactive and will remain in the body system for a couple of days for irregular users and several months for regular users. There is no telling how THC will leave the body as it will depend on how much was taken, how strong the weed was, and your body’s reaction to it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to completely get rid of THC in your body to pass the test. If your THC level is below the threshold of 50 ng/mL, then you will pass the drug test.

There are detox products to help you pass marijuana drug tests, and they come in many forms. There are cleansing drinks for urine and blood testing and even shampoo for hair follicle tests.

How CBD Is Administered

There are many ways to take CBD oil in the body. The method of consumption makes the compound more effective and gives patients a variety of options and products to choose from depending on their health and lifestyle needs. Here are the primary ways for taking CBD oil.

Oral ingestion. Similar to how vitamins and supplements are taken, oral ingestion is the most common way of taking CBD oil into the body. The oil goes through the digestive tract and is then metabolized by the liver, which then passes the active compounds into the bloodstream. Most people can swallow the oil without difficulty.

CBD oil can take the form of edibles, candy, beverages, or even capsules. It can be downed with water. For those who dislike the taste or smell or for younger children, the oil can also be mixed with other food products.


Tinctures were one of the oldest and most effective ways of getting CBD oil in your body. The raw hemp oil is directly taken under the tongue, where the sublingual vein is located.

The dose can easily be controlled by a number of drops as tinctures generally use droppers. The absorption into the arterial system is more rapid this way versus oral ingestion.

Topical Application

CBD oil is also used for direct pain relief and healing in the form of salves, creams, and lotions. This method is useful if the intent is to have the CBD on the skin for instant relief from typical pains and aches, and it is one of the quickest ways to feel the compound working on the body. Topical CBD may also be used in conjunction with other methods for those with more serious ailments.

Chew as a Gum

CBD can also be chewed as a gum. You can a piece or two with you anywhere, so you can take it anytime you need to. You can take it on the go while commuting to work or pop in a piece after eating a meal. CBD gums are also infused with different flavors, so you can have mint to freshen your breath or fruity flavors to chew it more enjoyable.

More CBD-Taking Options

There are many more ways in which you can take CBD oil in your body as the market expands. Scientists and manufacturers are still coming up with new ways to make it easier for consumers, so the options will keep on growing. If you are new to CBD, talk to an expert and look for a way that fits your health and lifestyle needs.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a natural way to prevent chronic pains and diseases or subdue ailments resulting from environmental and lifestyle factors, look into CBD oils. But as with any other drug available, always consult with a doctor first before you buy CBD oil. Remember that each body will have a different response to a certain substance, and your current health condition also affects how your body reacts to CBD oil.

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