What to Know When Getting Clear Braces Treatment in Westerville, OH

Are your misaligned teeth causing you to lose confidence in yourself? Would you like to have those sparkling picture-perfect teeth that you have always dreamed of but would rather not wear braces? With the aid of new technology in orthodontics, you can have that dream of yours come true by availing of clear braces in Westerville, OH.

Westerville is slowly becoming a leading orthodontics center in the state of Ohio for its competitive treatment packages. Unlike in other cities, which usually charge an average of $5,000, for clear braces, the minimum in Westerville can go as low as $1,800 for minimal alignment. Those needing additional sessions might probably have to shell out $4,000. Aside from affordable rates, this city also offers quality services. Many dentists in the area are graduates from Ohio State University. Trained associates from Dental Assistant Pro LLC-Columbus, a local school specializing in entry-level dental techniques, also aid these dentists. This combination of affordability and quality is sure to help you attain the smile that you wanted.

Clear braces for your misaligned teeth

When it comes to teeth alignment, clear braces are now the most preferred treatment option. The principle behind this treatment is the same as traditional braces in that it aims to move your teeth to the right position gradually. However, what makes this treatment better is that it uses advanced technology to ensure that the mold for your teeth is exact to attain the best possible alignment. As its name suggests, they are transparent so that you can wear them without anyone noticing. Unless someone looks closely, you can hide the fact that you are going through an orthodontic procedure.

Treatment plan

At the beginning of the treatment process, your dentist will customize two aligners for you – one for the top and another for the bottom. You will be required to wear these aligners for at least 20 hours a day for two weeks. For your next visit to the dentist, he will fit you with a new one until you gradually attain correctly aligned teeth. This treatment can last from nine to fifteen months. On the other hand, if you opt for traditional braces, you would have to wear metal wires for eighteen months at a minimum.


At present, the most widely used technology for clear braces is Invisalign, a product of Align Technology based in San Jose, California. This company has been producing this product since 1997. However, its popularity skyrocketed in 2000 after many patients testified to its effectiveness. They have produced three million clear braces since then.

Another American manufacturer of clear braces is ClearCorrect, LLC, whose headquarters is in Round Rock, Texas. It has been making clear braces since 2006. By 2011, it was considered as the fastest-growing health company – a testament to the popularity of clear braces in the market.

Finally, there is CA Clear Aligner, a German company that uniquely utilizes a 3-stage treatment procedure for its patient. This product has not made much impact in the States yet since local companies are already providing effective products.

When it comes to teeth alignment, getting clear braces in Westerville, OH, is a wise investment. It is more affordable than traditional braces, and you will only have to wear it for around a year. Most importantly, it is barely visible, making it a perfect choice for teenagers who want to avoid getting ridiculed by peers. With this new technology, having perfect teeth is now within your grasp.

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