A Chiropractor’s Diary to Maintaining a Good Spinal Health While Working from Home!

Working from home has set many people working in uncomfortable sitting positions for long hours in front of their computers. Even if you have a workstation, you would definitely prefer working on beds, kitchen islands, and the coffee table of your living room. It’s just easier that way!

Moving at a very less pace and sitting in the same position for hours can cause serious back pain and you will come to a realization that car accident back pain is not the only reason why you would want to see a specialist.

Sitting in one posture in an unhealthy manner because it might be ‘too comforting’ can be the issue here. This is when you need a chiropractor to come in and save the day!

Who is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a specialist doctor who works to correct the misalignments in the human bones and the nervous system by targeting the spine. They believe that the spine is the core of the entire human body and without a perfect spine; the human body might not be able to function the way it is supposed to. We can say that chiropractor care is the best option that many people should consider opting for if their sitting routine is not so perfect.

Studies indicate that nearly 85% of working men and women may begin to encounter back pain at any stage in their lives. It is a large sum because, as just a result of some statistics that say that people in America are subjected to spend around $15 billion or more each year on medicinal expenses that are related to pain.

Chiropractors Guide to Healthy Spine

During this pandemic, it is difficult for many people to get out of their houses and seek direct services of a chiropractor. We have collected some advice from chiropractors that you would like to know in order to maintain healthy spinal health and reduce the back pain while working from home.

Stand and Sit With a Straight Spine

Standing up straight and sitting with a straight back with shoulders lose and the head and neck aligned in accordance with the spine can be the first step towards building a strong and healthy back.

We have all heard from our elders about sitting and even standing manners and to be honest it is not surprising how right they were!

Chiropractors suggest that the first step to a healthy spine is the ability to learn to sit straight, tall, and proud. Not only does this work wonders on your spinal health, but it also allows you to feel more confident.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Belly

Sleeping on your belly is possibly the worst position ever to sleep in. Instead, try sleeping in a posture that allows you to lie on your right or left side. Sleeping straight with a pillow under the knees is also quite beneficial as it helps to keep the spine aligned and maintain its natural curvature.

Not only the sleeping posture needs some help but the fact that you must use the right kind of pillow the one that supports your neck and gives you comfort is equally important.

Perform Some Stretches

Early morning stretches can help your spine maintain its natural flex and also increase the overall flexibility. This is extremely good for your fitness levels as you can burn some calories on the go while improving your overall posture, get rid of body aches, and reduce the tension built up in the muscles.

Some of the most common types of stretches for this matter are:

  • Hamstring stretch.
  • Quadriceps stretch.
  • Calf stretch
  • Triceps stretch.
  • Lower back.
  • Shoulder stretch.
  • Hip flexor stretch in three planes.
  • Seated trapezius stretch.

Keep Moving Around the House

Excess of everything is harmful. So if you are spending too much time in one position whether it is sitting or standing, it will cause pain in your back. Not only that but instead of feeling fresh, you will feel tired and bad about yourself.

Regardless of the amount of workload you have, it won’t cost anything to get up for a few minutes and stretch your muscles and get some physical work done. When your body is tuned to performing regular physical activities, you are a lot less likely to suffer from pain.

Apart from regular intervals of exercises, you must keep yourself hydrated and opt for healthier eating choices in life. Having casual eating habits that literally involve anything is bad for your health!

Avoid Gadgets As Much As Possible

Well, you are obviously working in front of your laptop during the working hours and that too in quite unwanted posture; it is recommended that you avoid using gadgets like your smartphone or the iPad that your heart yearns for.

You see these gadgets are free-roaming murderers of spinal health. But with developing times, people have started to understand the drawbacks of being on the hand-held gadgets that allow them to hunch down for its operation.

Try using your phone less frequently and maintain a good posture even when you are using it. You will feel the difference very soon.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Have you ever noticed that the vertebral disks in the back are around 88% water? , Lack of water during long periods of time will eventually contribute to disk degeneration, culminating in a bulged herniated or slipped disk that can be an excruciatingly traumatic and unpleasant state!

Protect yourself from having a herniated disc and consume water while you’re thirsty – or when you are not. You can even start challenging yourself by drinking more water – 8 glasses to a whole gallon for starters!


Sitting long hours working from home in slouchy positions can actually harm your health. It is important that you look after the spinal health and consider taking advice from a chiropractor. Chiropractors are not just there to deal with your car accident back painbut you can go to them and seek guidance and see what a chiropractor has to say about your spinal health.

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