Answers to 5 Common Questions about the Brazilian Butt Lift

There are several ways that you can achieve a shapelier appearance and a butt lift is one of them.

The Brazilian butt lift has grown in popularity and unlike implants, the results look and feel far more natural.

Whether you want to lift your buttocks after pregnancy or weight loss or you simply want a shapelier behind, here are a few answers to the most common butt lift questions to get you started on your journey.

5 Key Brazilian Butt Lift Questions Answered

#1. Which areas can the excess fat be transferred from?

Since the Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat, it will need to be removed from another area of your body using liposuction. Sometimes your surgeon may have to perform liposuction on more than one area to accumulate enough excess fat for the procedures. Some of the areas that can be used include the stomach, thighs, arms, back and love handles.

#2. How big will my buttocks look after the procedure?

This mainly depends on how much donor fat can be harvested and how big you want to go. A reputable professional such as butt lift specialist in Melbourne, Dr Morris Ritz,  will always aim to keep your butt proportionate to the rest of your body otherwise your results won’t look natural. It’s also important to remember that your butt will look slightly bigger directly after your procedure. This is mainly because there will be swelling and the fact that your surgeon will inject extra fat to counteract reabsorption.

#3. What happens if it’s determined I don’t have enough fat?

Unfortunately, some patients won’t be ideal candidates for this procedure due to a lack of donor fat. If this is the case, your surgeon will provide you with some tips on how you can gain weight in a healthy way so that you can undergo a butt lift at a later date.

#4. Are butt implants a better option?

Butt implants are always an option but they do have a higher rate of complications and your butt won’t feel as natural after the surgery. While implants will last for the rest of your life, they are known to harden with age, which means you will need a second surgery to either replace or reposition them. And, of course, butt implant surgery is a much more invasive procedure than a Brazilian butt lift. A Brazilian butt lift only requires a local anesthetic and some twilight sedation, which means there are no general anesthetic side effects to deal with after your procedure. The Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat, which means there is no chance of rejection and you will be left with natural results that feel completely real.

#5. Will I be left with scars?

The Brazilian butt lift is minimally invasive and only requires several small incisions in order to insert the liposuction cannula. These small scars fade over time and are hidden in the crease of your buttocks anyway, so this is not something you need to be concerned about.

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