CBD as a Natural Remedy for Pets

It is an unfortunate thing, when many per owners, neglect their pets. When they adopt one, it’s the best thing in the world but soon they get used to them, the puppy or kitten has grown up into a full-size dog or cat and the owner does not have the time of day to look after them besides pouring a whole bunch of food in their feeding bowls once a day and throwing the ball now and then.

But we, as pet lovers and enthusiasts, often wonder if they look beyond all those superficial aspects occasionally and besides taking the pet to the vet when something doesn’t seem right, considering just the bigger picture of what pet care entails.

There are a few things that pets also go through just like human beings and were her to give you some advice on how to handle these everyday issues as best as you can with the use on one fundamental ingredient – CBD or Cannabidiol. And if your asking yourself if you can give your pet products with this ingredient in them or not only a few well-studied online sources have the information like this one, but we have put some together for you as well.

What Is It?

A product extracted from the Hemp Plant, CBD, when extracted the correct way, is the purest form of any organic ingredient you can ask for, in the same family as Marijuana, but with none of the psychotic side-effects.

As with all-natural or herbal ingredients that hit the market. This too has been studied over the past few years in finding out what benefits it has to offer and by no surprise, it does offer a few good ones to both humans and animals. Animal products have been produced with CBD in them, and a lot of companies have got onto that band-wagon too.

A lot of these products are being manufactured in strict environments using ethical extraction processes only that ensure you get the most out of it. Companies like Holistapet, for instance, make sure their products are pure, organic and cater for not only pets like dogs and cats but also bigger companions such as horses and you can see more Holistapet products on their online website’s store.

Every Day Cures for Our Pets

The everyday issues that a lot of pets suffer from and that pet owners have found have benefited from using products with CBD ingredient in them are:

  • Tooth decay i.e. plaque and tartar build-up
  • Ringworms
  • Hairballs in cats
  • Bad Breath in both cats and dogs
  • Staph Infection
  • To Calm Aggressive Behavior
  • Weak Immune System
  • Insect Bites on Pets
  • Bloating
  • Eye Discharge
  • Diarrhea
  • … and many more.

It is not to say that only products with this ingredient will help with the above issues, but incorporating it into their diet is also one way to benefit from it. There is no better way than treating symptoms from within, as a more holistic approach to wellness.

How Much to Give

The best indication of dosage for any pet is the instruction on the product itself, the second-best indication of dosage is asking your veterinarian doctor. There is nothing more important than finding the right amount that will help your pet as opposed to harming it. A few online sources provide a dosage calculator to help you out, for instance.

It can be a tricky process because it depends on which of the three forms of product you are treating your pet with i.e. capsules, liquid tinctures or treats and the size of your dog. So, if your using drops, for instance, the general rule of thumb is to start with 2 to 4 drops twice daily initially. If you are however giving your canine or feline, a form of capsules then 1 capsule taken twice daily would do the trick.

Treats work best when rewarding your dog for good behaviour – one option can be to give him a treat after he has been good or after he has taken his drops or capsules. but just so that you do not overdo it, do not give him everything at once, one day give him the oils or capsules and a few days later give it a treat, this is assuming everything has CBD in it.

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