Compassionate Elderly Care: How to Find a Good In-Home Care Provider

It is understandable if your elderly loved ones insist on living in their own homes in Long Island, located in southeastern New York. The community is robust, surrounded by trendy restaurants and unique boutiques, so aging loved ones do not leave their neighborhood.

However, when your loved ones encounter cognitive difficulties like dementia and Alzheimer’s, it may be impossible for them to do their daily chores themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable in a nursing facility, which can feel more like a cold hospital.

When age is taking a toll on your beloved seniors, it is necessary to seek Alzheimer’s home care services in Long Island. The last thing you want is to see them suffering and struggling, so finding home care is the best solution to prevent any untoward accidents. Here’s how to find a good in-home care provider:

Speak to Your Loved One’s Doctor

Speak with your mom or dad’s doctor so you can get a realistic idea of the kind of help required. There are many things to consider, like personal hygiene, skills in operating transportation for running errands, housekeeping tasks, medicine intake, feeding, and the like. The doctor is the most qualified person to brief you regarding the kind of assistance your elderly family member needs to function daily.

The doctor may even know a nursing aide who can help you out. For future doctor’s appointments, the caregiver may have to bring your loved one for their check-ups, so involve the doctor right from the start.

Ask the Assistance of Family and Friends

If you are looking for a compassionate carer to live with your aging parents, ask family and close friends for referrals. They can give you qualified leads because they, too, may have availed of the same service for their aging loved ones. It is critical to ask for helpful tips because they may shed some insight. When it comes to a trust-based service like in-home care, a referral is the most ideal.

Figure Out Your Budget

It is essential to set your budget before approaching any Alzheimer’s home care services in Long Island. Sit down with your elderly loved ones during their lucid moments to see how much pension they get and what other income assets they have. Some seniors have long-term disability insurance to help cover care expenditures.

These details, along with your monetary contribution, will give you an idea of what type of services you can avail of. If the budget is restricted, there are some government assistance programs from Medicaid, Medicare, the NY state, or your county. Talk to your siblings and other family members because they may be willing to contribute some funds.

Find a Reputable Agency

Deciding on a reputable agency is not as daunting as you think. Your local county may also have a senior agency that can provide lists for qualified in-home care. Aside from a referral from your doctor, family, or friends, you can browse online directories for in-home care services, you can even navigate to this website to get you started. There are many facilities all over the world if you do a quick Google Search. Most of the listings have contact information listed, so getting in touch would not be an issue. Make sure you read testimonials and reviews.

Do a Thorough Interview

Once you’ve touched base with a caregiver, do an interview. Most likely, the person will come to your senior’s home to assess the updates they can do to improve the quality of care. Do not be afraid to ask questions because you need to figure out their credentials, licenses, and medical training.

Ask about their work schedule and days off. Make sure that your senior is present during this interview so you can see how they interact with each other. You can assess if they have a good rapport. Of course, since this is your loved ones, you only want the best care from a kind and patient professional. If something feels shady about the person you are interviewing, trust your gut. It is vital to make the right match.

Final Word

Caring for your elderly loved one is not easy because they tend to be irritable. Some seniors are stubborn because they want to assert their independence. Those who are suffering from dementia need constant supervision so they won’t inadvertently harm themselves. You need a qualified caregiver to provide the best possible care for your aging loved ones.

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