Do Home Remedies Help to Pass A Saliva Drug Test

So, your drug test is coming up closer. There are several reasons why you are into it, whether for a job or license application. And for sure, you are hoping to pass your mouth swab test.

On the other hand, those people who are dabbling into substances or weed smokers may find it hard to pass a drug test. That is because there are several types of drug tests, so even if they know some remedy, it still will not work for each of them.

In this article, you will discover different natural remedies you can try to pass the saliva test and other drug tests. However, please be aware that some home remedies are effective while some are not.

Are Home Remedies Reliable?

Trying to use various home remedies to pass the drug test can be risky. If you want to consider a home remedy for your upcoming drug test or pass a mouth swab test, you need to be aware that no particular home remedies are 100% reliable.

But, there are several things you can try to move the odds. You can consider the following home remedies to pass a particular drug test.

Home Remedies for Saliva Drug Test

If you want to pass a mouth swab test, you can try drinking cranberry juice. Apart from drinking an enormous amount of this juice, you also need to drink a ton of water for several hours before taking the test. Thus, make sure to take unprocessed cranberry juice for the best results.

Masking the signs of drug use is also helpful to pass a mouth swab test. You can do this by popping some aspirin about 3 hours before the test.

Furthermore, to increase your chances of passing the saliva test, you can eat protein-rich food like red meat. This can help you normalize the creatinine levels in your body. In case you are a vegan, you can try any food that is rich in protein. You need to consume these foods at least 3 days before the schedule of the test.

Home Remedies for Urine Drug Test

Using home remedies to pass the urine test can be helpful. You can start by drinking plenty of water within 48 hours before the drug test. It is suggested to drink at least one gallon each day. You can add an Oregon Grape root. Grind it until it becomes powdery and put it into your glass of water.

If you are a weed smoker, it is always recommended to exercise. This can help you eliminate THC accumulated in your fat cells.

Home Remedies for Hair Drug Tests

If you rarely use cannabis, you can rinse your hair with lemon juice. Apart from helping you detoxify the hair strands, lemon juice can also remove the drug metabolites. You can also try applying a baking soda paste to your hair to wash out the drug metabolites.

Although the above-mentioned tips are just home remedies to pass a saliva drug test, trying them can be worth it. So, before going to the saliva drug test, make sure that you already tried some of the home remedies.

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