Importance of Trust Between Doctor and Patient

Apart from our field of expertise, we try as much as we can to learn about other areas that concern our lives. We know the basics and more often than not, this is enough for our normal functioning. However, there are also aspects of our lives we cannot have control over. For instance, the law, the economy, medicine and education. Unless you are an expert in any of these fields, you need to rely on external factors in the form of people and institutions whose job is to know these things and help you. Although it’s normal, we all need some convincing when it comes to choosing the right person for these jobs and this is especially visible when it comes to choosing a doctor. We’re here to explain why this is so and try to help you find your doctor.


In order to be treated the best possible way, a proper anamnesis must be taken from the patient and that includes the patient being honest about their condition. This is a problem more often than you think. If people are embarrassed or feel inhibited in any way towards their doctor, they won’t tell the whole story which can get in the way of proper diagnosis and, consequently, proper treatment. You should be able to feel comfortable enough to tell your doctor anything that troubles you and it is tightly related to trust. Being able to confide in your doctor will help you feel safe and protected regardless of the situation. This is why the whole concept of a personally designated doctor had been introduced – to improve your health by giving you the opportunity to create a healthy relationship with your physician.

Family doctor

Once you settle down and get your life somewhat in order, that is the time it makes sense for you to find the right doctor for you and your family. It would be best if the whole family was treated by the same person or at least at the same centre as it enables the person or people that work there to have a full picture when it comes to your family’s health as well as history. Family history plays an important role in diagnosing and preventing many types of diseases which is why it should be considered at all times. If you’re located in New South Wales, consider Gordon Medical Centre as an option. Their reputation precedes them and they’re all about excellence, which is why many Australians are keeping them very busy.

Type of doctor and location

It would be practical if you chose a doctor who is in your vicinity and who is a general physician. However, it’s not mandatory. If the person you find trustworthy and skilled happens to be a general surgeon or an orthopedic, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have someone you can trust, they can point you in the right direction and recommend colleagues for whom they can vouch. This way, you’ll transitively have a trustworthy doctor in any field you may require. The same goes for location. If you happen to move, you can still call your old doctor and ask them for a recommendation and you’ll be fine.

How to set the criteria

It seems a bit unclear how to set the criteria and actually choose your doctor. Everyone tries to present themselves in the best possible light and it’s impossible to know what they’re like beforehand. However, what you can rely on is word of mouth from your friends and family, as well as reviews. Luckily, nowadays, you can quite transparently see impressions about doctors and clinics, just as you can see restaurant reviews and this may help you decide.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t obsess too much over finding the right doctor. Ask for recommendations and try your best candidates. After having encountered a few of them, you’ll know who you feel is the best fit for you and your family. Stick to that person and you’ll be OK. Having a reliable doctor is an introduction to the kind of comfort zone everyone should be in. Not only that your physical health will be taken care of, but your mental health too as you’ll know who to turn to when you need help.

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