Surgical Procedures In Orthopedics In Glasgow

A wide range of orthopaedic conditions is treated by Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital’s expert Orthopaedic Surgeon Glasgow. We provide first-class private treatment and diagnosis for people suffering from medical conditions without waiting for it.

How is Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital different from other orthopaedic hospitals?

At Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital, we aim to provide a quick, friendly and efficient diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of all orthopaedic conditions. In order to get you back to the life you love, our top priority is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Our consultants will assess your need for orthopaedics by meeting with you first. Afterwards, your consultant may refer you to our onsite diagnostic imaging department for further imaging or investigations.

Your consultant will read and report the results of this test, and they will then discuss the next stage of treatment with you. An outpatient procedure, surgery or physiotherapy can be used.

Our traditional matron-led nursing team will look after you throughout your hospital stay to ensure you are informed, comfortable, and supported. Hospitals that are clean and observe the highest clinical standards are cherished by matrons.

With our exclusive Recovery Plus Programme, our physiotherapy team will play a key role in supporting you during your recovery after an orthopaedic operation. Your nurse and consultant will work with you to develop an individualized recovery plan, which will begin as soon as possible.

Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital offers the following orthopaedic treatments:

  • Replacement of the hip
  • Replacement of the bad knees
  • Arthroscopy of the knee
  • Replacement of the shoulder
  • Release of the carpal tunnel.

Private consultations at Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital are available?

The first step towards getting Orthopaedic treatment is to consult with an expert at Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital. Any recent X-rays or scans should be mentioned to the enquiry handler when scheduling your consultation. Any diagnostic imaging that is required will incur an additional charge.

Recovery Plus Programme

Are you aware that some orthopaedic treatments are eligible for Nuffield Health’s Recovery Plus programme, a more intensive pathway to recovery in which you can continue your recovery with our in-house physiotherapy team? The unique rehabilitation programme we offer encourages a thorough recovery and accelerates it.

Our sister gyms in the Glasgow area are Minerva Way, Finnieston Street, Giffnock and East Kilbride if that is more convenient, which are located on Minerva Way, Finnieston Street, Giffnock and East Kilbride.

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