Top Merits of Electronic Hearing Protection

For a passionate shooter, protecting the hearing to avoid permanent hearing loss is essential. You must know that 85 decibels (dB) are the recommended safe limit of sound for eight hours/day. While this limit is around 60 dB when conversating normally whereas 140 dB is the maximum safe limit when shooting.

For this reason, you need to be highly careful while buying hearing protectors. However, we have made this process easy for you by providing you with the top merits of electronic hearing protectors. Before knowing the top merits, let’s look at the different types of these devices:

Kinds of Electronic Hearing Protection:

The electronic hearing protection has different kinds, sizes, and shapes as per individual requirements. Here are three of the different kinds of these devices:

Earmuffs: They come with hard outer cups and soft ear cushions for fitting around the ear. Moreover, a headband is also there to grip them together. They work by attenuating the sound for the protection of your hearing. Furthermore, they are best-suitable for people with an infected ear or who underwent surgery.

Ear Plugs: These can be moldable or pre-molded for insertion in the ear canal. In addition, you can also get custom molded, disposable as well as reusable earplugs. They usually are of low price and can be washed after usage too. They are easy to carry due to their smaller size and are preferable for hunters who mostly remain outdoors for hunting.  They are cost-effective as can be used for extended periods of time. Also, they are durable and can be placed safely with ear muffs after detachment of the cord.

Semi-insert Ear Plugs: It has two earplugs to be held over ear canal’s end with the help of firm headband.

How to Choose the Best Hearing Protector?

One can choose electronic hearing protection as per his individual preferences and by considering numerous factors. These factors may include comfortability, noise’s level and hearing protector’s suitability for the hearer as well as the surrounding.  However, the most important factor to consider is that the device should be able to reduce noise desirably. Nonetheless, earmuffs are highly preferred in case of intermittent exposure to noise because they don’t require repeated removal and reinsertion.

Howard Leight and Peltor Hearing Protections are among the top-rated gears for shooters. You can check the details out at Howard Leight vs Peltor Hearing Protection.

What Top Features to Look for In Electronic Hearing Protection?

Everyone should consider the following top features of these devices when going to buy them:

Several and Omni-Directional Microphones: There come several microphones with the recently available electronic hearing protection on each muff. This feature helps in ease of identification of the sound’s direction which is a positive aspect, particularly for hunters. Moreover, the batteries of these earmuffs are usually AAA which keeps them charged for many days. In addition, earmuffs are made with the material that dampens composite sound. Also, they consist of omnidirectional microphones as well as allow controlling of the volume of each side.

Allows Connection with The Outer World: These electronic hearing protections not only protect your hearing but also features Bluetooth connection that is integrated. In this way, you can receive calls while not removing your headphones when shooting. Hence, these devices keep you connected with the outer world and at the same time protect your hearing while shooting.

Insulation: These devices insulate your ears. This happens through the microphones that receive the littlest sound and then amplify it to allow the clearer hearing of your surroundings. Furthermore, they do the filtration of flamboyant sounds such as gunshots.

Noise-Cancellation: These electronic hearing protectors efficiently cancel the noises arriving at 82 dB. At the same time, they allow you to listen to the sounds coming from the environment to not to completely disconnect you from the outer environment.

On top of all these features, your hearing protector must fit your ear well. Or else, the device will not be able to provide absolute protection to your hearing since it’s a misfit. Therefore, wisely pick up a hearing device that is latest, durable, comfortable as well as befitting also. Additionally, you too need to protect your hearing protectors after using in a safe and secure place for long-term and effective use. It can save you cost while maintaining your good hearing health for an extended period of time.

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