Treatments A Chiropractor Can Offer You

Heading to a chiropractor might have been recommended to you by a doctor, a friend, or the internet and you may be wondering what you can expect. Whether you’re visiting for back pain, joint-related issues, or other conditions, you might be a bit nervous.

A chiropractor, like Richmond Chiropractor, can help with a range of conditions and can advise on exercises, relaxation techniques, and even your diet.

We’ve taken a look at some of the treatments that you may experience when you make an appointment to see a chiropractor and have summarised them below. Take a look now and see what you might find. Once you read the information below and decided that you could benefit from one of these treatments, it’s vital to contact a chiropractic clinic before the issues get worse. However, before contacting the clinic, it’s vital to check that they offer the services that you require and has fantastic reviews similar to those for

Adjustments and manipulations

This kind of treatment is usually a quick, gentle thrust to the spine which can increase mobility and provide some pain relief for back discomfort and joint issues.

Your chiropractor will talk you through this treatment and explain how and why it should work. You’re usually asked to sit or lay down depending upon the site of the pain and may hear a popping noise which is thought to be the release of air pockets.

Adjustments and manipulations of the spine are a common treatment on a visit to the chiropractor oakleigh (or chiropractor wherever you are located) and if you’re visiting for back problems, this may be the treatment option you’re advised.

Exercises and stretches

Some back problems can actually be fixed with exercises and stretches, and chiropractors are trained to know which kinds of exercises to advise. Generally, these exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles and improve their function. The use of resistance bands is common and can help to relieve tensions, particularly in the case of headaches.

This kind of treatment can be really beneficial, and a chiropractor can walk you through each exercise, helping you to correctly perform each one.

Nutritional advice

Chiropractors can help to manage lots of different conditions and for some of these, effective treatment starts with your diet. Chiropractors may recommend changes to your diet to help ease back strain or joint pains and they may advise certain supplements.

This kind of treatment may come alongside another form of therapy depending on the condition which took you to the chiropractor in the first place.

Heat and cold

Sometimes chiropractors will work with heat and ice therapy to treat back pain. They will numb the area and then apply heat to restore blood flow.

This kind of treatment is thought to promote faster healing and may be suitable for the condition that brought you to the chiropractor in the first place.


Chiropractors may also massage during the session, working the soft tissue to increase blood flow and reduce any swelling and inflammation that may be causing the pain.

Massage may be used alongside stretching, adjusting, or manipulation depending on the kind of treatment your condition needs.

Patient education

This part of your visit can include a set of exercises and relaxation techniques you can do at home, as well as any nutritional advice and other lifestyle changes. It may also include information on ways to reduce stress and help the body to cope with anxiety better. This is particularly useful if your condition is worsened by stress and poor mental wellbeing.


There are plenty more therapies that a chiropractor may perform during a visit. Your treatment will depend upon your condition and can be a combination of many different therapies, or one on its own. Every patient is different.

This list is a quick overview of some common treatments that chiropractors can offer and should ease you into your visit. Remember that your chiropractor will talk you through your therapy before they do it too to put your mind at ease.

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