What Can You Do to Improve Your Oral Hygiene?

We all wish to have a perfectly lovely smile. Healthy and teeth and gums increase our self-esteem and make us feel more comfortable when spending time with friends, and more open to meet new people. But what can you do to keep your teeth shiny and white, and prevent the development of cavity or periodontal diseases?

Proper hygiene

For quite a long time in the past it was considered that teeth should be brushed for three minutes to remove decay and massage gum properly. With the development of dental science it has changed to the following: you have to brush your teeth until they are clean. But how do you know that you have removed all the decay when there is a certain amount of it even between the teeth.

Brush all the teeth surfaces thoroughly

It is important to brush all the surfaces of the teeth well. Be sure that no parts of the food are left between teeth. You should brush your teeth in the direction of their growth, or from gum to the biting surface. Try not to use substantial force, soft toothbrushes are excellent, but you have to brush your teeth as long as you feel there is decay on available surfaces.

Interdental space

You can use interdental floss, brush or water flosser for cleaning of interdental space. You have to be careful when using interdental floss or brush because if you are rough, you might hurt the gum and cause gingivitis. Water flossers are an excellent solution because the water stream they make is steady enough to clean the decay, but also soft enough not to hurt your gum. There are different types available at the market, and you can choose among different types and prices from the waterpik comparison table provided by different providers.

Did you do it well?

Eye of an average person is not trained well enough to see the thin layer of decay if it is still there on teeth after brushing. Your teeth seem to be perfectly clean. But are they really? There are different colouring tablets which detect decay and are available in most pharmacies. All you have to do is to chew a tablet for a couple of minutes, and it will colour the residual decay and show you which surfaces you skipped during brushing or did not brush well. Once you detect those surfaces, next time you brush your teeth, you can pay additional attention to them.

Visit your dentist every once in a while

After you do your best, and lead your teeth brushing to perfection, keep on doing a good job. Still, be sure to check up on your teeth and gum health at your dentist. He will be happy to see such clean teeth, and if there’s a need give you additional instructions about your oral hygiene.

Once you decide to take teeth brushing seriously, you will see it is not such an easy thing to do every evening and morning. Still, there is a nice prize for this effort: beautiful smile and pearly white teeth!

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