What To Do If Your Braces Have Broken

The idea of having a broken braces or the bracket being broken is not uncommon. Therefore, you should try not to panic in a situation like that, and instead, start working towards getting it fixed.

That is because damaged braces are Segway to discomfort, and they can even cause some cuts inside your mouth if you do not tend to them as soon as possible.Before going to the orthodontist, you might have to do some adjustments yourself.

How Can You Protect Your Mouth

Considering how we are talking about metal, having a broken wire or a bracket can cause discomfort, and even cuts. You might not be able to go to the orthodontist right away and in such situations, you could use tweezers to move the brackets to a place where they will not interfere.

If it is a case of a snagged wire, you can use some nail clippers to cut the sharp wires. Additionally, using wax to cover the sharp ends is also a good suggestion.

How to Fix a Floating Bracket

Brackets attach to every single tooth with an adhesive that is made for them. However, there are times when a bracket comes off from the tooth but remains on the wire. In such situations, it can start moving along the wire. You can simply get in touch with your orthodontist at this point and book yourself an appointment.

The good thing is that a floating bracket is not going to cause you any pain or damage when you compare it with other issues. However, it can cause some irritations as it moves inside your mouth.

You can use a pair of sterilized pairs to move the bracket along the wire to have it sit between two teeth or the center of the teeth. Additionally, you can use dental wax if it is causing too much discomfort.

Bent Wire

Bent wires are caused by eating foods that are rather hard on the braces. When the wire bends, the bands become loose, and therefore, cannot pull the teeth in the position they are supposed to pull. If you get that feeling that the wire is loose, simply call your orthodontist Gramercy Park (New York City) and schedule an appointment.

It is best if you do it as soon as possible because delaying it will only slow down the treatment process.

Broken Wire

Sometimes, the archwire ends up breaking and is left with a sharp end that ends up poking your inner cheek or gums. This can cause irritation, or in worst case scenarios, bleeding as well.

The right thing to do is to take nail clippers and cut the sharp end and have it sealed with some dental wax before you go to the orthodontist and have it fixed.

Wires Protruding

Obviously, your teeth will be moving in your mouth or when you are eating. This leaves a slight chance of the wire coming out of the last bracket. If it does happen there are chances that the wire will start touching the insides of your mouth.

Again, the right thing is to cut the sharp ends and cover them with dental wax. Then you can proceed to make an appointment so you can have the wire replaced.

How Do These Breakages Happen?

The most common reason behind the braces breaking happen to be eating food that is hard has a lot of crunches or is generally sticky. This is an inconvenience, so you really have to think before you can eat something. If you think that the food you are eating is crunchier, try breaking it down into smaller pieces so it is easier for you to chew it

.Also, if the food is stuck between the teeth, avoid using a toothpick as it can easily bend the wire, or worse, break it. Use dental floss and you are going to be good to go.

How to Tend to Cuts And Sores

If the broken wire has caused cuts or sores in your mouth, you can use salt rinses in order to clean the area of the sores or cuts. Additionally, there are some antiseptic rinses available in the market that get the job done.

If you are going through cuts and sores, we would suggest that you eat foods that are softer, and more importantly, avoid drinks that are either too cold or too hot.

Additionally, we would also advise you to get in touch with your orthodontist in order to get more information and how to handle these issues. The more you know, the better care you can provide to your braces.

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