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The most active people in the world of exercise will know how important it is to maintain a continuous control of the functioning of their organism. If you want to increase your training in an effective way for your body, lose weight, or simply have on hand a device that keeps you abreast of your most relevant characteristics in terms of health.

Either because you have the purpose of losing those kilos that you have acquired at Christmas, because you need to improve your health or just have not given it to you these holidays and you have the desire to have it. A `smartwatch ‘is a somewhat complex device and you would like to know what they are for, what they measure and which one can best adapt to what you need.

Well, to start these devices are called quantifiers of physical activity and sports, since its function is to keep track of what you move and how is that movement, taking control of the exercise to get in shape. Among all the devices that can be found in the market, the most common are the smart wristbands and the ‘smartwatch’, but with the amount of supply there is, finding the right ‘wearable’ for each one is not easy at all . We present here the best smart wearable for your health fitness monitoring.

Rolex Submariner

There are already three years in which the Reputation Institute concludes that  Rolex is the company with the best reputation in the world. This is no longer an anecdotal fact, or a failure of the survey, or a marvelous feat that has occurred to a marketing genius of Rolex. Nothing of that. It is the result of work in all fields that has this reward, much more valuable than one might think if we only stay in the holder.

There are several models of Rolex Submariner are out in the market each with a slight difference of features from other models. So, to get a quick overview here are the important features of Rolex Submariner.


  • Rolex Submariner got accurate and easy to work mechanical movements which makes it more durable.
  • Submariner models have Rolex caliber 3132 automatic three hands movement system
  • Totally water proof as it comes with the water tight case with an additional Oyster offering the water resistant features of 300 meters.
  • The Submariner models come with high contrast colors of the dials for an easy ready of time.
  • There are separate designs of hour and minute hand
  • When it comes to the case of Submariner, the top side of the case looks shiner while at the bottom side a coat of AR is applied.


A fashionable design with different colors available, you get a health tracking, calorie registration, distance and other technological benefits. Not recommended for people with a pacemaker or other internal or implanted medical device.

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