How has the pandemic caused an increase in drug use?

It has been nearly 3 years since the pandemic began and it brought the world to a standstill more than once in this period as lockdowns were announced to contain the spread of the virus. This meant that industries and whole economies were shut down which caused a lot of damage to countries around the world. In some cases, the experts argue that this damage might be a hurdle for future development and that there is a chance that the world never reaches the pre-pandemic rate of development. The pandemic did not only cause problems to the economy but to human health as well without even considering the virus. Drug use rose during the pandemic lockdown and this rise is becoming a threat to our society even after the lockdown ends.

This rise in drug abuse has not been unprecedented as there are several factors that have caused this rise and unless serious action is taken to rehabilitate these individuals then we might not return to our prior selves even after the pandemic has passed. So before this short stint of addiction ruins your life it is important that you go in for detox and rehab and look up a local detox and rehab clinic, i.e. phoenix detox center so that they can help you through your addiction

One of the main culprits behind the rise is of course the lockdowns that were announced due to the skyrocketing number of cases in the country. These lockdowns did prove effective in curtailing the growth of the virus, but they brought their own problems. One of these problems was the fact that people were stuck inside their homes. Now an impromptu vacation is not something to frown at but the fact activities that most people prefer during vacation were closed.

This meant that the population was stuck inside their homes with nothing to do. Having free time and nothing to do often leads to less fruitful activities. During this time a lot of the population turned to drugs as a recreational activity. To them, Drug abuse is the perfect activity for pandemic-induced lockdowns.

They can do drugs alone or with a close group and have a social experience that the pandemic has stolen from them. For some, the drugs just become a method of passing time as they are stuck inside their homes without any reason to leave their homes. Extroverted people are affected most by this as their fix of social activity is blocked by the lockdown. This can have a very negative effect on the psyche of a person. The urge to be socially active is no less than a drug addiction as well and not having this can often turn to drug addiction to seek some kind of release.

These addictions can become very dangerous as most people do not even know in most cases that they are becoming addicts. Even after the lockdown and then the pandemic ends these individuals might become useless as they are chained by their addiction. University and college going students are most affected by this as they are often more likely to get involved in drug addiction and this lockdown makes them more likely to fall into addiction.

Another major reason the drug use has risen in the pandemic is the mental pressure that has been applied due to the pandemic. Most people are afraid of the virus and fear what are the implications of the pandemic and if they are ever going to be able to go back.

They are afraid of themselves or their family and friends getting the disease. They are fearful for their jobs and their future. Some on the other hand are grieving the deaths of their family or friends. Such an assault on the mind cannot be challenged and these people are more susceptible to the drugs.

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