How to adjust to post-pandemic life

It is normal to have trouble adjusting to post-pandemic life. It dominated our way of thinking for nearly two years and turned our way of life upside down. Everyone has experienced varying levels of stress due to the pandemic, with experts saying that the easing of restrictions could significantly affect mental health and increase stress and anxiety. When venturing out and about make sure to invest in a Healgen Antigen Test Kit a good supply of these for your kitchen cabinet to ease anxiety about contracting the virus.

 Adjust to new guidelines at your own pace

 The sudden change in restrictions can be overwhelming, as social distancing rules are scrapped and masks are being used less frequently. It is important to not feel pressured into ditching the rules completely – the virus is still very much present and post-pandemic life is still dangerous for those that have not been fully vaccinated. Adjusting to post-pandemic life should therefore be done at an individual pace, to manage anxiety and prevent feeling too overwhelmed.

 Don’t avoid social situations

 Though post-pandemic anxiety is a very real problem, avoid the temptation to become a hermit and avoid social interactions. This will lead to loneliness and more stress and will be significantly harmful to your way of life. Start by doing social activities you feel comfortable with, whether that is meeting for a coffee or going for a socially distanced walk.


 Getting regular exercise has been proven to lower stress and anxiety and is an important tool in adjusting to the new back to normal. Whether you decide to run outdoors, head to the gym, or do an at-home workout routine, do what feels right and safe for you. To stay on track, set your own personal health goal. This could be completing a running record or simply walking a certain number of miles.

 Recognize post-covid anxiety

It’s easy to stifle feelings of anxiety in favour of embracing a restriction-free way of life, but it is fundamentally important to recognize its presence and take steps to calm yourself down. Methods to easing stress can work for people differently, so experiment and find out what works best for you. Some common practices include breathing methods, meditation, yoga, or simply reading your favorite book.

 Get regularly tested

Part of the stress of post-pandemic adjustment is the fear of catching the virus and this can be easily resolved by regularly testing yourself using a Covid lateral flow test. Buy online or order from the NHS website to keep those around you safe. Aim to take a test before and after being in crowded social situations, such as going to a bar or a restaurant to help ease the anxiety surrounding infection.

Connect with family and friends

Don’t feel shame in reaching out to your support system for guidance, as chances are they too have feelings of anxiety surrounding post-pandemic life. Talking your feelings through to loved ones instantly lifts mood and stops you from bottling up your emotions and therefore making them worse. It can also ease feelings of loneliness and helplessness. Whether you decide to meet loved ones in person or over the phone, the sound of a familiar voice will most likely ease your anxiety.

Post-pandemic stress and anxiety is an entirely new but common phenomenon, with the majority of people struggling to adjust to normal life after almost two years of restrictions. Though working through anxiety is an individual task, the tips above should go some way to easing this stress.

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