Meditation Benefits for Kids

We all desire our kids to lead a happy, contended and successful life- isn’t it? We go out of our means to make the facilities available to them. We educate them in the best of the schools and colleges, buy clothes, toys and all amenities for them so that they can lead a life of peace and fulfilment that we may or may not have lived ever. But have you ever thought what the basic essence of life is? What makes “YOU” happy despite all that you have?

When there is so much that we do for their cognitive development then why not take a step for their intellectual and mental development too? We know the benefits of doing meditation on human minds. But we have segregated meditation only for the adults and not for kids. However, kids meditation practice can generate amazing benefits for their health. Let us learn more about these:

To bind their extremely unsettled thought process:

These days we see parents summon their children to videos, phones and other electronic gadgets to make them sit quietly for some time. These practices lead to various side effects on their mental development. Although this makes their activities stationary for some amount of time but when these practices become habitual they hamper their mental growth to a large extent. When they come back to their normal activities they tend to become all the more volatile and aggressive. They need something to harness their thoughts and bring them in symphony with their actions. Meditation can make them do so.

With kids meditation, they will pay attention with complete interest in their “current” activity that makes a smooth flow of creativity in their work. A lot of stability is achieved in mind that leads to mindful and playful actions.

Provides relief from competition and challenges of studies and academics:

We are aware that the amount of pressure of studies on the children leads them into various sorts of mental depressions. When they are not able to meet the expectations of their parents, teachers or friends then they get into extreme guilty of themselves which leads them into extremely dangerous habits such as drugs, self-abuse or in extreme cases even suicides!

There is a lot of hope in meditation in this aspect. With kids meditation, they will get self-assurance of their being. They will be able to control anxiety, anger, sadness and guilt. With meditation, it is easier to attain maturity of understanding the things peacefully along with the consequences of their actions.

Even for academics, it is good to meditate as one can easily concentrate in the subjects and studies with good meditating power.

There are lots of benefits of meditation for young minds. The children are the reservoirs of energy and the kids meditation practices help them in channelizing their energies into a smooth flow like a river that flows continuously and peacefully. Bring them into the world of meditation and let them realise their full potential into something useful and creative.

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