Physical Therapy and Falls

If you are over the age of 65 there is a high probability that you are either concerned about falling, have had a fall, or restrict or modify your activities because you are concerned about falling. This type of living can be all-consuming and can decrease the quality of life in the elderly. 

Physical therapy is a proven way to reduce fall risk, treat fall injuries and improve balance. Finding a physical therapist that is specifically trained to treat balance disorders could substantially improve life for you or a loved one that is concerned about falling. Contact the Rexburg physical therapy office today to schedule an appointment with one of the therapists who is well acquainted with balance. 

Reduce risk of falling

Physical therapy is a program developed to the individual and their needs by a qualified medical professional. Physical therapists have a doctorate where the main focus of study is exercise science, body anatomy and physiology and biomechanics. The work done by a physical therapist and the plan created for their patients typically combines physical exercises for strengthening and manual manipulation and massage for flexibility and mobilization. 

Treat injuries from falls

If you are part of the above mentioned population that has experienced a fall, it may have resulted in an injury. That injury could then put you at increased risk of another fall in the future. As an injury heals the area remains weak. It is important whenever you suffer an injury that the rehabilitation of the injury is guided by a qualified medical professional. 

A physical therapist can monitor injury recovery to make sure everything is healing properly and can educate the patient on how to exercise at home for added results. Physical therapy is the number one choice for doctors to prescribe for non surgical treatment of injuries. In elderly who are at higher risk going into surgeries this is the ideal approach. 

Improve balance

It is common to think that balance issues are simply age related. That could be an explanation, but there are also legitimate balance disorders that can be treatable. Balance disorders originate in the inner ear. These issues associated with balance are referred to as vestibular. The therapists at Rexburg Pick PT have much experience and training in treating these types of conditions. 

It is possible that the problem is not inner ear-related but more of a strength issue. When this is the case, physical therapy is an easy fix. Physical therapists will teach you exercises to strengthen and improve overall balance. 

If the problem is in fact vestibular, there is careful manipulation that can be performed by an experienced physical therapist to adjust the area and restore balance. 

Contact Rexburg Physical Therapy for Help

Balance and dizziness are some of the specialties of the therapists at Pick PT in Rexburg, Idaho. Strengthening leg muscles, increasing range of motion, and improving balance through exercise or manual solutions should give you or your loved one the peace of mind that falling does not have to be a constant worry. Physical therapy treatment for falls gives you the freedom to live your life. Doing the things you love to do is priceless. Contact a physical therapy office near you to help restore the joy in your life and eliminate fear. 

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