Pittsburgh Eye Doctor Recommends Only Polarized Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is a must-have during beach outings or if you need to go out on a sunny day. They’re not only fashionable; they also help us see better under the harsh glare of the sun. People who buy sunglasses nowadays, however, are usually just concerned with the color of the shades or the frame shape that will match their faces. Little did we know that sunglasses have two classifications based on the ability to block light.

Types of Sunglasses

Eye doctor Pittsburgh Pa says sunglasses are not only classified depending on the color and shape. Sunglasses are either polarized or nonpolarized depending on the type of lenses. Polarized lenses have a laminated filter that permits only the passage of vertically-oriented light. On the other hand, non polarized glasses have a dark-tinted coating that blocks excessive light. In essence, both are capable of blocking out light, since that is the function of sunglasses anyway. However, each type has characteristics that differ from the other, making one type more ideal for certain situations over the other.

Polarized Sunglasses

The presence of the filter in polarized glasses gives it an enhanced light-blocking capability than non-polarized lenses because the filter blocks horizontally-oriented light. Horizontally-oriented light creates glare that is harmful to the eyes and thus may cause accidents. Individuals who are often engaged in outdoor activities such as athletes, drivers, or fishermen can benefit from the polarized glasses’ anti-glare feature. They can see better and perform to a higher degree compared to using regular sunglasses. Drivers can navigate through streets better, and fishermen are more adept in spotting fish or rocks that can damage their vessel.

Which One to Choose?

At this point, it would seem that it is superior compared to the non polarized ones; it is not always the case. If you try to look at an LCD panel with polarized glasses, you will observe that it is not visible across all viewing angles, due to the specialized filter in the glasses. The filter blocks out the LCD light at certain angles, making it invisible unless you try viewing at another angle. This characteristic is the weakness of polarized sunglasses. It is so efficient in blocking out the light that it also screens light from sources that the user needs, such as touchscreen panels or displays.

With that, people who typically choose nonpolarized glasses are those who are frequently working with LCD panels, such as pilots and photographers. Users of the nonpolarized type benefit from reduced visible sunlight but can still see the light from other sources. Polarized lenses are practically unusable in their professions.

Final Words

The design and style should not be the only parameters for choosing the appropriate sunglasses. Since the type of glasses attached, whether polarized or nonpolarized, have a significant impact on the user. One type cannot claim superiority over the other since both have their advantages. The preference of the user and the intended purpose for the glasses will ultimately become the deciding factor for choosing a suitable pair of sunglasses.

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