Stress Problems? These Foods Can Help You

Besides endangering our health and our nervous system, being stressed can make us attack the refrigerator when anxiety can.

Therefore, we must turn food into an ally. In addition, there are certain foods that can help us mitigate stress.

Eating in a balanced way is essential to keep your body and mind in order and prevent stress from affecting your stomach, your defenses, and your nervous system. Much of your physical and emotional stability depends on your menus. Below we explained the things that help to get away from stress.

Your anti-stress shopping

Print this list and take it to the super the next time you go shopping. Do not forget to go through these sections:

Fruits and Vegetables: Do not miss in your cart all those rich in vitamins of group B and C: cabbage, spinach, lettuce, tomato, oranges, kiwis, etc. Fruits help a person to stay healthy & slim without having any of the side effects.

Dairy: The vitamins and minerals provided by milk are essential to avoid stress. Do not miss normal or skimmed yogurts, semi-skimmed milk, and cheeses (choose low-fat ones).

In The Butcher Shop: The meat is rich in vitamin B3, which will help your body to fight against external stresses. The best: lean meats, especially veal, serrano ham and Iberian sausages, chicken or turkey.

Fish: Fish contains lots of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to fight stress. It’s important to add fish to your diet if you are not a vegetarian person. For its value for money, blue fish such as anchovies, sardines or mackerels are the best.

In The Bakery: Fiber is absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of your body and, above all, to protect your stomach, one of the main ones affected by stress. Better the normal bread than the one of mold, and better still the integral one. Also, add to the cart full cereals for breakfast and whole-grain biscuits for snack or snack (with tuna they fill and fatten very little).

Canned and Frozen: in addition to getting out of trouble, canned tuna, sardines or cockles are an excellent and low-fat food. From the frozen section, you are interested in vegetables and seafood, forget about precooked dishes. Take also vegetable jars to prepare in salad, and vegetables to take with vinaigrette.

Drinks: In addition to milk, do not forget the infusions: lime, pennyroyal, and valerian. Regarding the juices, the packaged ones have too many sugars. Soft drinks: better light or without caffeine. Buy cocoa to chocolate milk when you are decayed and soluble cereals to replace coffee. To treat yourself: a good wine.

Condiments: Do not forget to take a sprig of parsley, it helps to absorb the iron, an essential mineral to be strong. Add spices such as oregano or cinnamon will make you give your senses and make you feel better.

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