What Is the Best Place for Newborns to Sleep?

So, you have bought your newborn home, and it’s time to decide where he should sleep.  The number of options is dizzying around as co-sleeping, bassinet, and separate nursery to make your newborn asleep. Each sleeping style has certain benefits and flaws, so here you need to make the right decision to choose the sleeping space for your newborn.

While deciding that where the newborn should sleep, your priority will be to ensure his safety. You should look for which place is safe, comfortable and convenient for your newborn to sleep. You may choose a separate bassinet for your newborn or prefer him to co-sleep with you. No matter, what is your choice, ensure that your angel’s sleeping space is safe and comfortable for him.

From the number of options available, it may become difficult for you to choose the best sleeping place for your newborn. Fortunately, we are here to help you choose the right sleeping option for your newborn. Let’s read on,


Co-sleeping is the best option for those moms who want their baby to sleep with them in their bed. Perhaps, co-sleeping is the preferred sleeping pattern for newborns in many cultures, because moms don’t want their babies to sleep separately. The co-sleeping is the best option for those moms who have insecurities about the safety of their baby because it ensures that their baby is safe with them. It allows mom to keep the baby close to her body and cuddle him.

Co-sleeping gives an incredible sense of bonding between the mother and the baby, and it allows easy breastfeeding. Co-sleeping babies are very near to their moms and they can breastfeed easily. On the off chances, co-sleeping babies tend to breastfeed more. Studies have shown that co-sleeping babies have longer periods of sleep during the night, thus, providing a chance for their mummies to have a calm sleep as well.


Where co-sleeping is preferred by most of the moms, it is not a cup of tea for everyone to manage it. In such a situation, many parents prefer to make their babies sleep in a portable bassinet or cot kept near the mother’s bed. This option allows the parents to make their babies sleep separate and keep an eye on them as well. A mother can easily observe his baby who is kept in a bassinet or cot near her bed, thus she can feed him when he wakes up or cries.

The bassinet is not very large in size, so it can be kept in the parent’s room easily. Most of the bassinets have wheels that make it easy for the mom to move it easily. You can keep your baby in a bassinet for 4 to 6months, but after that babies grow large in size to fit in the bassinet. It is the dark side of bassinet which can make it hard for a mom to develop a new sleeping pattern for her baby after 6months.


Though not preferred by every parent, many like their baby to sleep in a separate nursery room. Parent decorate the nursery room for their newborn before his birth, and it’s actually lovely for them to have their newborns sleep there alone.

Separate nursery room ensures that mom can have a great sleep in her room, but she has to feed her newborn timely. Studies have revealed that babies who sleep in a separate room have a great tendency to learn quickly than those who sleep with parents in their room. Such babies learn quickly how to settle themselves when they grow up. It becomes easy for the parent to manage their sleep easily as they grow up.

To have a separate nursery for your newborn has certain pros as you miss the closeness of your baby that he could have to be nearby. You have to make sure the safety of your baby when he is not under your observation. It can be a worry for the parents because they don’t want their baby to fall off the bed.

No matter what option you choose for your baby to sleep, make sure that he is safe and properly fed. You may check his sleeping priority by his physical actions as crying if he is not comfortable in a bassinet or separate room. His cry may give you an indication that he is not comfortable to sleep with you but in a bassinet. Choose the best option for him and let him enjoy his sleep.

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