3 Tips for Medicaid Seekers: Do You Qualify?

Individuals who meet certain requirements may obtain health care coverage through Medicaid. This government program supplies free or low-cost coverage to those individuals who are elderly, disabled, low-income, and more. Today, many states have expanded the program to ensure all individuals under a certain income level will be covered. This depends in part on which state the applicant resides in. What do individuals need to know about qualifying for Medicaid?

Understand What is Covered

People often mistakenly believe Medicaid only covers basic medical care. However, recipients of this health care coverage are entitled to numerous benefits. For instance, an individual who needs glasses could find he or she may obtain new eyewear using the program. Others discover they may receive rides to and from medical appointments with the help of Medicaid transportation. Prior approval is required to obtain this benefit, but many people aren’t aware it exists. Qualifying for Medicaid is only the first step. Recipients need to understand what they are entitled to when they obtain this coverage to ensure they get the most from their health care plan and providers. Dental care may also be obtained using this program in many situations. Be sure to ask about all the benefits and read all the paperwork provided carefully.

Know the Income Requirements

Each state determines who does and does not qualify for Medicaid. However, certain commonalities are seen among the states, and this information is very helpful when a person is applying for this assistance. For instance, a family of four making less than $29,700 qualifies for Medicaid under the federal requirements. The size of the family determines the income level minimum. As a result, larger families can make more and still obtain this type of help from the government. Individuals who are disabled and those who are dependents of a disabled person may also be able to obtain health care coverage. Other criteria may be required as well, such as immigration status or residency. Contact your state health department for more information or visit Healthcare.gov to learn more about the requirements for your state.

Qualifying Due to Special Circumstances

Certain individuals find they may obtain this coverage due to their personal circumstances. For instance, men and women receiving Supplemental Security Income often qualify based on their participation in that program alone. Non-citizens may obtain Medicaid if they are a refugee recognized by the United States government or have claim asylum. Lawful permanent residents and those holding a green card are eligible for the coverage and the same is true of victims of human trafficking. These are only a few of the special circumstances that allow a person to obtain Medicaid. The only way to know for certain is to apply.

If you lack health insurance because you do not have the funds to pay for it out of pocket, options are available. Individuals who apply for assistance might find they are eligible for a subsidy through the federal government. Others, however, discover they qualify for Medicaid. The only way to determine what assistance you may receive when it comes to obtaining and paying for health insurance is to ask. Be sure to do so today, as nobody wants to learn their financial situation is dire due to a medical crisis during a time when the person did not have health insurance. Sadly, too many individuals realize this fact only when it is too late, and they are already in financial distress. Don’t let that happen to you. Learn if you qualify for coverage today.

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