4 Surprisingly Fun Games That ADHD Kids Can Benefit From

As one of the oldest forms of interaction, games have been a creative outlet for physical activity. Today, games are used in a number of ways. Some games enhance strategy-making skills. There are also some games that aid pilots in real-life job situations and practitioners in surgical simulations. Games have also been introduced as a form of treatment, specifically as a means of ADHD parent coaching. Persons with ADHD or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are listed by the Mayo Clinic as some people who have trouble in thought organization, have difficulty in focusing, and have problems in staying put. Here are some of the fun games with benefits that you can play with your child or friend who has ADHD.

Playing Statue

What may seem like a nonsensical game may teach your child to stay put. You can start by making funny movements and then yelling stop. Your child has to maintain this position for a certain amount of time, which can be gradually increased. As a reward, your child can then make you into a statue. You can hit two birds with a single stone in this game by adding in your child’s favorite dance music during movement time. This exercise that is familiar with ADHD parent coaching, is not only fun but can address your child’s extra energy too.

Coloring a Picture

If your child is the artsy type and loves different colors, why not invite him or her to color pictures in a book? You can use different mediums such as watercolor or crayons; this is an exercise that can help your child how to stay put as the activity is done in one specific place, which could be on top of a table. This game can also prepare your child how to stay put on his chair at school during classes.

Say it Out Loud

People with ADHD may need an extra form of reminder to stay focused on their task. If visuals do not work, adding in an extra auditory stimulus may work. To teach this, have your child describe and say out loud what he or she is doing or what tasks will be done. This activity is helpful for adults with ADHD too.

Chutes and Ladders

A person who has ADHD has many challenges. He or she may find it more difficult to concentrate, focus, and stay put. In the midst of it all, there may be successes and failures. One of the best values to teach a child with ADHD is to develop grit. A person with grit has the courage and perseverance to go on. Being faced with a ladder is advantageous as you will move nearer to your goal, but sliding down a chute will make you farther from your goal. This game teaches that failures are temporary as long as you continue to move to your goal.

A person with ADHD is classified as a person with a disability. However, with proper coaching of coping strategies and essential values, what may be considered a disability have now become a strong force that will make your child successful.

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