The Child’s Development Starts at the Playground

As the child grows into an adult, they take with them all the skills they learned at an early age to help them cope with the challenges of adulthood. They also carry all the under-developed sides of their character. It didn’t have the opportunity to grow and mature. Which at some point in their lives they impede their progress and turn into obstacles of their own.

Importance of Playground Activities

For a child, the playground and interacting with a group of peers is more than a pastime. It’s a crucial process in their overall development. Especially, when the child spends more time at modern commercial playgrounds. This development covers social, brain and language abilities. Even their moral compass and sense of taking responsibility for their actions. Learning about consequences and abiding by the rules of society are all byproducts of the time the children spend at the playground.

Add to that the abundance of memories children creates at these times. These gleeful memories tend to stay with them for the rest of their lives and help them cope with life’s difficulties. As an adult when you remember a sweet memory from your childhood you tend to perk up, smile, and lose all the stress and tension you’re going through at the moment. So it goes without saying that the more happy memories the child makes at this stage in their life the more adjusted they get as an adult.

Learning and Mental Growth

It’s important to stress here the difference between structured games and free exploring. While structured and preplanned games can help develop certain aspects of the child’s brain and instill discipline and respect for authority as well as the other children in the group, it’s the free play that gives the children the most benefits. This is why parents need to learn to strike a balance between being protective of the child while at the same time allowing them the freedom to handle new situations on their own, learn from their mistakes, and develop a sense of self-reliance at an early age.

A child who is allowed to explore on their own or with one or two friends of the same age grows up with all the necessary skills to succeed in life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will become great explorers or even leaders in their communities. But it means they will learn to handle the problems they face in life without caving under pressure.

Sensory gyms are also great for growing individuals. A study shows that gyms help children exercise independence, communicate better, and strengthen their self-care habits and attention spans. If you are looking to set up a sensory gym for your child, visit Fun Factory Sensory Gym.

Different Playground Games

The following infographic shows different playground games that you as a parent can teach your child and spend some great times together.

playground games


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