Common Pediatric Eye Diseases Diagnosed By Eye Doctors

There are many eye problems children can encounter. Early diagnosis and intervention are the best solutions to treat it. This is why at the early signs of eye problems, it is best to consult Aurora Co eye doctors right away. Moreover, being aware of pediatric eye symptoms and preventive measures are also essential to be able to preserve your child’s normal vision.

Common Problems and Causes

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is one, if not the most prevalent pediatric eye disease that occurs even in newborns or infants. Children as young as days-old can encounter this ailment either bacterial or viral infection (contagious). Sometimes, it is an allergic response (not contagious) from the environment.

Another one is Chalazion. It is more generally recognized as the small lump on the child’s eyelid. It is caused by a clogged meibomian gland or the gland that is responsible for oil secretion.

A Stye is also a related condition to Chalazion. However, it results in an infected eyelash sac.


Eye symptoms could be easy to spot. If children’s eyes showcase swelling and becoming pinkish, you might want to observe if any symptoms would persist.

If there are unusual eye discharge or the eyes started to get itchy, it is best to have a best pediatrician look at it. This way, there will be an early intervention not to worsen the case of the eye.

If your kid is already complaining or showing discomfort about his/her eye, it surely should call your attention.


Seeing the ophthalmologist or a qualified professional is the best solution for such conditions. You may come across some of these eye issues before; thus, it is not advisable to self-medicate your children. Your doctor or specialist is the best one to advise what treatment could be done internally and externally based on your child’s age.

It is essential to know if the eye condition of your kid is contagious or not. Do not use unsure drug store medications. It might cause an adverse reaction to your children and furtherly to aggravate the current state of the eye.

Your doctor can also recommend a special eye massage. However, it is only applicable once he/she has checked the intensity of the eye condition.

Prevention Tips for Eye Care

The most basic tips for eye care and wellness are:

  • Minding what goes around the environment. Dust off anything that might trigger an allergic reaction to your children.
  • Follow prescribed advice by a professional when using eye drops for cleaning and moisturizing your children’s eye.
  • Eye screenings should be done to your children during the newborn stage to know if there are underlying issues that need to resolve.
  • Wash the child’s face thoroughly regularly.
  • Inform them that they should not scratch their eye if it is itchy, so there will be no inflammation to occur.
  • Let them wear protective sunglasses or specs whenever they are outdoors especially in sunny or windy conditions.
  • Always remember what they are allergic to, so it would not worsen any existing eye condition.

Remember that prevention is, undeniably, better than cure. Observing the environment your children exposed to and the initial symptoms they are experiencing are the best way to determine eye illness.

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