Natural Ways to Deal with Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are a part of a women’s life, every month with periods comes menstrual cramp, that is either too negligent or too strong to deal with. The uneasiness we feel in our abdomen, thighs and lower back is all part of these camps. But thank god, now we have menstrual cups that are not only comfortable but cheap and reusable too. One of the best menstrual cups

During periods, the uterus muscle keeps contracting and relaxing in order to shed the lining and blood out of the system, thus we experience cramps. Some women even experience nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting in addition to the pain.

Some women experience cramps to a level that even getting out of the bed seems like a huge task. Every one out of 10 women faces severe pain which interferes with their school or work activity.

There are many medicines that can help relieve the pain, but today I will be talking about some natural ways, that will help you relive your menstrual pains:

1. Exercise and yoga

I know that the thought of doing exercise or yoga when you can’t even get out of the bed is something you don’t want to think about. But doing light exercise, aerobics, yoga, and brisk walking can help ease your pain. Do any physical activity that seems comfortable to you as doing certain physical works like exercise helps pump the blood and release endocrines that reduce the menstrual pain.

2. Essential oil massage

Massaging with essential oil for 20 minutes can significantly reduce period pain especially the pain caused by endometriosis. Massage helps in pain relief immediately and also afterward. Go for a professional massage as they will massage specific points to relieve the pain while their hand will also massage your back, abdomen, and side.

Remember to dilute the essential oil with some other oil and using this combination for massage greatly reduces the duration and strength of pain.

3. Heat application

Heat application on your abdomen or back during periods can greatly reduce the cramps. Just take a heating bag or pads for heat application as they relax the contracting muscles. If you don’t have any heating bag/pads you can use a plastic bottle filled with hot water, and apply it to the part that is paining.

Similarly, a hot towel can do the trick too. Also, if nothing else works, then take a warm bath it will certainly calm your aching muscles.

4. Livia Machine:

Many a times taking pain killers is not an option for us, but again if above mentioned tips don’t work, you can try Livia machine. With this machine electric impulses are transmitted into your abdominal area. You can get more information about the Livia here.

5. Try these herbs for relieving pain

Using some of these herbs can also help relieve pain immediately and even afterward.

Chamomile tea: drinking this tea every month or before periods helps increase the level of glycine, which reduces muscles spasm.

Fennel seeds: extract helps relieve the pain, you can take after your period starts- 4 times a day.

Ginger– grate ginger into hot water and drink this tea 2-3 times a day, it acts as ibuprofen and helps in the pain.

Buy these herbs from reputed sources, and they may have side effects on some people, so be careful.

6. Diet and avoiding certain foods

Your diet must contain foods like:


Brown rice helps reduce bloating

Walnuts and almonds- ease cramps

Chicken, fish and lots of green vegetables like spinach for iron

Flaxseed- helps reduce inflammation and swelling

Food that you must avoid:

Fatty foods

Caffeine and alcohol

Carbonated beverages

7. Drink lots of water

Water is essential for surviving and while on your periods you must keep a check on your water consumption as it reduces bloating and retain the water that we lose. Also, drink warm or hot water as they are more helpful in cramps.

8. Vitamin D is good for cramps

Having enough vitamin- D in your body makes sure that you don’t suffer menstrual cramps. So start your vitamin D tablets or enjoy the natural source by soaking in some sun.

9. Orgasm helps too

As weird as it may sound, having an orgasm can reduce the pain in half or even remove it. When you orgasm you release endorphins, that make you feel better and your pain and mood swings can get better immediately.

Note: these tips may help with mild to strong pain, but if it continues and becomes unbearable, it’s advisable to see a doctor immediately to cross out some other issues that may cause the pain.

So, girls during your next cycle try these natural pain relieving methods so that you can get back to enjoying your life and doing your work. Also, let me know which method worked for you and which didn’t.

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