7 Easy and Best Ways to Control Diabetes

Diabetes is, unfortunately, a chronic condition that cannot be cured, although, there are a few things that you can do to keep it under control and still live your life to the fullest. There are a few different types of diabetes. Being fully aware of your condition will greatly aid treatments and managing your condition on a daily basis.

While type 1 diabetes is a result of the pancreas creating little or no insulin for your body, type 2 diabetes is a condition that affects the way that your body processes glucose. Even though living with these conditions can have you feeling defeated, there are simple routine things that you can do to manage your symptoms and keep your life under control.

Ways to Control Diabetes

In our informative guide, we explore 7 easy ways to control diabetes that will help you on your journey to a healthier and easier life.

#1. Adapt to a Healthy Diet

Apart from taking your medication religiously, a healthy diet will greatly benefit your quality of life. There is no ‘special diet’ suggested for diabetes, however, by eating healthy nutritional foods, your body’s immune system will strengthen and you will most definitely feel more energized in general. Avoiding foods such as convenient fast foods, sweets, chocolate cakes, and other unhealthy options and rather opting for fresh fruit and vegetables you will surely reap the benefits of healthy eating. A healthy diet will help to control your blood sugar levels and encourage general health to mention only a few essential benefits of eating right.

#2. Exercise Regularly

It is no secret that routine exercise will boost your mood by releasing endorphins that help you feel great but it is also essential for those living with diabetes. By opting for at least half an hour of moderate exercise you will strengthen your physical stamina and be able to manage the lack of energy that comes with diabetes. You do not need to overexert yourself for this to be effective, a quick 5-minute jog in the mornings or a relaxing yoga class can be noticeably effective for improving energy levels and boosting your mood.

#3. Combat Stress

While stress is unpleasant for everyone, it is especially bad for those with diabetes. Because when you stress, your body releases the cortisol hormone. It directly impacts the way your body processes insulin. There are numerous organic supplements that can aid stress and anxiety, although, meditation. Exposing yourself to calming music and even aromatherapy are also effective ways to combat stress and promote relaxation.

#4. Get Adequate Sleep

This may seem like a far off luxury for some, but there options available that can improve the quality of your sleep. From natural sleep aids such as melatonin supplements and aromatherapy can greatly enhance sleep quality. While sleep in undeniably important for everyone, if you have diabetes, you need a good night’s sleep to battle low-energy levels and gain mental clarity while living with diabetes. Furthermore, your body clears cortisol out of your system during sleep and too much cortisol is significantly bad for blood sugar levels.

#5. Don’t Avoid Your Check-ups

It is extremely important to go for regular check-ups with your doctor to ensure that your condition is under control, and to keep your motivation up. Your doctor will also help encourage the correct exercise, diet, and medications to help keep you healthy. This will also promote less stress in worrying about your condition and keep you in control of your body.

#6. Join a Support Group

This may not be everybody’s cup of tea. However, a support group can bring an undeniable amount of encouragement and understanding to you regarding your condition. It will aid your emotional state and help you to feel confident through reassuring you that you are not alone. There are many people battling the daily motions of diabetes and confiding in one another will remove a great deal of emotional turmoil for you, and for them.

#7. Be Prepared

It is essential that you should maintain a stock of medical diabetes supplies. Such as testing strips, insulin, and even a blood glucose monitoring system. By keeping adequate supplies at home, you will be prepared at all times. Monitoring your blood sugar levels can keep you in control of your condition. There are various online medical supply retailers that can conveniently deliver the supplies you need, right to your door.

Why Self-Monitoring is Important?

When effectively managing diabetes, it is crucial that you monitor your blood sugar levels, even at home. By regularly self-monitoring you will be able to better regulate your meal times, exercise times. Know when to take your medication, including your insulin, most importantly. Most self-monitoring machines require a small blood sample or lanced skin sample to read your blood sugar levels. It may seem somewhat daunting, although, considering it really is a painless procedure. That will definitely become easier with routine. It is a simple step that will reassure you that you are in control of your condition at all times.

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